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We offer a unique approach to music learning with one-on-one lessons in guitar, ukulele, drums, woodwind, brass, strings, piano, Celtic instruments and singing!

Our approach focuses on learning by ear, covering the music you love in a way which gives you the tools you need to work out songs and pieces by yourself, write your own music and jam with other musicians. Our expert teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds and will work with you to help you master any genre from rock to folk to jazz.

Our lessons are very competitively priced in order to give every budding musician the chance to learn an instrument. Half hour lessons cost £17 and hour lessons £30. Please use our online booking system (below) or get in touch using the contact form to start your musical journey- we'll be happy to help!


We offer a unique approach to music learning with one-on-one lessons in guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, brass, violin, piano and Celtic instruments!









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We offer a unique approach to music learning with one-on-one lessons in guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, woodwind, brass, violin, piano, singing and Celtic instruments!

Our expert teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds and will work with you to help you master any genre from rock to pop to folk to jazz. Get in touch today to start your musical journey- we'll be happy to help!

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Johnny Guitar, ukulele

I’m Johnny, and I have been playing guitar for nearly 20 years. I am a classically trained guitarist who grew up playing in a number of bands, and specialise in rock, pop, and folk. In 2020 I graduated from the University of Sheffield with First Class Honours in English and Music (involving music performance), and have continued to hone my skills and work professionally in various roles as a musician.

I aim to help students develop the technical skills and confidence to be creative and expressive in their playing, jam with other musicians and enjoy playing music. As an experienced songwriter, I can also offer help with songwriting and incorporate insight into songwriting techniques in my teaching.

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30mins 1hour

Tom K Guitar, ukulele

I started playing guitar over 11 years ago and have been a passionate and dedicated musician ever since. Having gone to college to study music to get a diploma, I then furthered my education in music by attending The University of Huddersfield to study Sound and Music for Image. As a result I am well versed in both classical and popular genres of music. This has led me to have a vibrant career in a variety of bands, including funk, blues, metal, rock and punk bands. I am currently working in an improvisational psychedelic rock project and a midwestern emo/math rock project.

My philosophy in teaching is developing good musicianship as early as possible. This means getting you jamming and improvising and thinking about more in your playing than just the notes you’re hitting. My aim is to help you cultivate your own sound on the instrument, guiding you in how to say what you want to say. This approach will teach you how to use your ear alongside more commonly covered skills like how to read music and tab and learn songs and pieces from a wide range of genres and styles.


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30mins 1hour

Thomas Guitar - weekends

Hi, my name is Thomas, I’m a singer and guitarist who’s been performing on stage for over 10 years with various bands as well as on my own. I studied jazz music and sound engineering at the E.M.A.R. in Reunion Island from 2013 to 2016. I then started traveling around the world to discover other countries’ musical history and traditions, spent some time in Turkey learning the “Bağlama” (traditional middle-eastern stringed instrument) and in China where I was performing regularly with a local musician playing the “Guzheng” (Asian plucked zither).

I mostly play Folk music, but also have a keen interest in other styles such as blues, reggae, rock, funk, indie, and also maloya, which is the cornerstone of Reunionese traditional music.

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Tom H Brass

As a semi-professional performer, I’ve played frequently throughout the whole of the UK for the past decade. I studied music at the University of Leeds with a particular focus on performance and honed my ensemble skills through participating in every band and orchestra I could sink my teeth into! I led the Jazz and Blues society in my third year and instigated the improvisation and aural skills masterclasses after realising the importance of ear training as a developing musician. I was brought up attending various folk festivals in the UK which I still continue to be involved in to this day. This allowed me to practice learning music by ear and I use these skills in my teaching and performing.

I’ve been working in schools for the past 8 years, in a variety of primary, secondary and SEN sites across the North of England. I have also worked closely with Bolton Music Hub and Tameside Music Service to deliver high quality instrumental and classroom music lessons, as well as being independently employed by individual schools for the past 6 years.

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30mins 1hour

Lennon Drums, Percussion

I’ve been playing drums since the age of 12. Since then I have achieved grade 8 on the drum kit, earned a college degree in music, joined 3 rock bands, and am currently studying music at the University of Sheffield. I specialise in rock and pop music, however I love playing along and listening to loads of different genres! In teaching drums, I like the student to lead the direction of their learning while incorporating the fundamental skills they need to develop a well rounded skill set. This can include learning to play songs they like while also covering the 26 drum rudiments and ear training skills needed to jam along with other musicians. I’m happy to take my lessons down any route to suit the student!

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30mins 1hour

Nye Guitar, Ukulele, Tenor Banjo, Music Theory

PLEASE NOTE- I am only currently accepting new Irish / Celtic or jazz guitar students as I run the school and the Finale Guitar shop opposite. My lessons are also more expensive than our other teachers as I’m running very short on time. If you are a beginner (or the parent of one!) then please book with Johnny or Tom.

I started playing guitar when I was eight and have since played in bands in such diverse genres as folk, jazz, funk and rock. I run FolkFriend.co.uk which provides educational content for Celtic guitarists and have written several books on the topic. I have also published a guide to chord inversions for jazz guitarists. I began teaching guitar in 2014, set up my guitar shop, Finale Guitar, in 2019 and founded Finale Music School in 2022. My aim, as it always has been, is to provide budding musicians of all ages with the tools they need to truly understand and enjoy playing music. I want to produce players with the confidence, ear training and technical skills needed to play their favourite tunes by ear, jam along with other musicians and generally have fun playing! I do this through friendly, fun lessons covering music selected by the student while also incorporating all the necessary theory, ear training and technical exercises to give them a firm foundation to write, perform and jam from.

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30mins 1hour

Pat Violin, Guitar

Hi, I’m Patrick! I am currently a music student at the University of Sheffield and I am excited to expand on my music career here at Finale Music School. Violin is my primary instrument, alongside piano and guitar I enjoy playing a variety of genres from Classical to Folk to Jazz. If you are looking for violin tuition I can tailor lessons to you – whether you want to read some Bach or would prefer a more improvised ear training session. I am capable of teaching guitar and piano as well to a high grade, I would be happy to pick any of these instruments up with you!

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Abi Singing

I studied music at the University of Sheffield with vocals as my first instrument, and I have stayed in Sheffield since I graduated. I currently work at a secondary school and volunteer with the kids team at a church, so I have lots of experience working with young people, especially those with special educational needs. I am going to train to be a music therapist at some point in the future.

I am a classically trained singer, but also sing pop, soul, neo soul, musical theatre and jazz music. I have grown up taking part in chamber and gospel choirs, and now currently perform my own solo music, as well as take part in a jazz/soul band. I can offer lessons tailored to each individual at all levels, in any of these musical styles. I love music and as a semi-professional performer, I hope to provide the best possible outcome for whoever would love to learn! Anyone can learn to sing!

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30mins 1hour

Ella Piano

I am an experienced piano player and teacher from Sheffield. I have been playing piano for 12 years and I am currently studying for my grade 8. I love every aspect of music: playing; listening, composing and teaching. I provide custom-made piano lessons covering both practice and theory. I offer lessons for beginners and intermediate players of all ages. I offer lessons to students who are aiming to sit their grades, or just wanting to learn for pleasure! I can teach students to understand and play pieces from the main 4 periods of piano music: Baroque, including compositions by Bach, Handel and Vivaldi; Classical, including compositions by Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven; Romantic including compositions by Chopin, Grieg and Brahms and the Modern period, ranging from blues to jazz to pop. My personal music career involves getting merit-distinction level on my grades 1-7, playing in classical concerts and with several rock bands.

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